Hello and welcome to my page on “Promoting the Image of Nursing Globally”. I am called Dr. Fonya Atabong RN. Also known to friends, colleagues & family as Dr. Mom/ DrUP TO jULY 2016 1133. Nurse, Prof etc..  Born and raised in Cameroon where I completed primary and Secondary school education. I Got married and relocated to U.S.A where I continued my education. I have studied and attained various degrees under the umbrella of Nursing. From my Associate degree in Nursing at St. Clair County Community College in Port Huron Michigan, to my Bachelor and Master degrees in Nursing from University of Michigan in Ann Arbor Michigan, and finally my Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP) at Case Western Reserve University Bolton school of Nursing in Cleveland Ohio.

I live and breath nursing and have dedicated my life to promote the image of nursing globally especially in resource limited settings.I have lost loved ones from various health related complications as well as preventable conditions that did not have to result in their sudden deaths.Emphasizing the concept of health and illness OR wellness and illness is the foundation to helping individuals understand how to better care for themselves to maintain optimal health and prevent unnecessary deaths. As such I have embarked on a journey to educate, consult, and train student nurses in academic institutions as well as professional nurses in healthcare institutions utilizing evidence based practices.

With over 19 years plus combined experience as a medical surgical clinical nurse and educator, I have transitioned from novice to expert over the years working in various positions as a bedside nurse; practice management/discharge planning case management coordinator, & director of clinical services.  I currently function in the capacity of Assistant professor/Clinical educator in nursing as well as a Nurse consultant. My educational and professional experiences have accorded me the ability to do and love what I do as a Nurse, leading to my desire to disseminate knowledge and promote healthcare practices in communities globally.

After my recent prestigious 2015/2016 academic award as a Fulbright Scholar Professor in Nursing to University of Buea Cameroon, I feel compel to now share my work and experience to empower other nurses & students to continue promoting the importance of Nursing in any Healthcare System/Community.  It is my belief from over the years of practice that nurses are the backbone of any healthcare system, they are at the frontline of health institutions, they are the ones with patients and families 24 hours a day. Without investing in their education and training, nurses will be less empowered leading to missed care, errors and unnecessary deaths. I strongly belief knowledge is power and policy leaders need to recognize the worth of nurses in reducing death rates in our society today and give them the best training educationally and clinically as future healthcare clinicians and leaders. Nurses are the hearts of healthcare.

Nurses are life savers indeed!! Nurses do rock!!  & I am proud to be a Nurse!!!!