Fulbright Scholar program on “Promoting the Image of Nursing and Empowering Nurses Internationally”

http://www.cies.org/ : Please check out Fulbright program website for more details and opportunities.


Hello friends, family, colleagues and students. As a 2015/2016 recipient of the Core Fulbright Scholar Award, I have created this page to share my fulbright experiences in the past 10 months of my stay at University of Buea Faculty of Health Sciences Nursing & Midwifery department in Cameroon.

My Fulbright objective was ” Promoting the image of Nursing Globally”, to teach nursing and also join forces on the ground to initiate the very first Bachelors of Science in Midwivery program in Cameroon at the University of Buea. An effort from the ministry of health to increase capacity building of more qualified midwives in the country as a whole due to the increase maternal and neonatal death rates in Cameroon.

I feel very enriched professional to be among those making such a big change in Cameroon, educating and empowering future aspiring nursing and midwifery students to address healthcare related matters and help save lives!! It has been a very enriching and professional development opportunity for me. Follow me as I attempt to blog my journey and share my experience.

https://www.prc.cm/fr/ learn more about Cameroon

 http://www.ubuea.cm/ learn more about university of Buea (UB)





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